7 Ways A Clean Home Supports Healthy Aging

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There is something calming and enjoyable about a clean home. The benefits to your mental and physical health are even more enjoyable. For Healthy Aging Month, we have 7 ways a healthy home can help you age well.



Physical Benefits

Reduced Allergens

A clean, clear, decluttered home limits your exposure to harmful allergens that have the potential to irritate respiratory issues and allergic reactions.


Lowers Risk of Injury

An organized home can reduce the chances of household items being hazards to mobility. Items obstructing walking space or paths may increase the risk or slips, falls, and trips for you or anyone else in or visiting the home. Organizing and decluttering the home can keep your home safe.


Prevents Infection

Clean homes are less likely to accumulate viruses, bacteria and fungi likely to make you ill. You can protect yourself from harmful pathogens by streamlining your belongings and keeping the home clean.


Keeps Pests at Bay

Afraid to travel into that cluttered, dark, damp basement, attic or storage space? Most people are. One way to reclaim the space, is sorting and organizing the items stored there. Clearing the space can help homeowners take the reigns on any harmful, disease carrying pest issues and, in many cases, allow you to assess home damage.


Mental Benefits

Lowers Stress

According to a recent Huffington Post article, clutter “has proven, tangible effects on your mental and physical well-being.” Decluttering specific areas of your home can help reduce stress. Learn 4 areas to clean regularly to reduce stress here


Boosts Mental Clarity

Those who live in cleaner homes are more likely to eat healthy, sleep well, and be more productive. A space clean of clutter provides less distractions and allows you to locate necessary items quickly.


Better Emotional Health

A recent article by Romana D’Souza frames cleaning as a way to release frustration and unhealthy emotional expression. D’Souza writes “instead of getting mad at your partner, take your anger out on the dust and bacteria in your home. Cleaning is a productive way to get rid of anger and frustration. So after a heated argument or a long day of work, reach for the vacuum to release your anger.”


With so many benefits to clearing your home of clutter, why wouldn’t you consider reclaiming your space? The benefits can extend your quality of life now and in the long run. You can complete tasks efficiently, reduce the risk of illness, and boost your mental clarity.


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