A Simple Plan to Help Get Ready for Spring

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With warmer temperatures on the way, it may get you in the mood for spring cleaning. Whether it's getting your outside space ready for summer, or clearing the clutter inside your house, here are some things to look out for.

1. Clear Clutter: Warmer temps may mean you're going in and out of your house more. So take a look around for trip hazards, or furniture that may need rearranged. And look in your kitchen for ways to clean counter space. This will leave your high-traffic areas clear of clutter and things that may cause trips or falls.

2. Check Smoke and Fire Alarms: With the time change, it's always a good reminder to swap out batteries in smoke detectors. This is a good time to make sure all alarm systems are in good working order.

3. Monitor the Medicine Cabinet: Check for outdated prescriptions, or medicines that you don't need anymore. Safely get rid of them in the trash, or by flushing liquids. Remember to always store your medication in a cool, dark place. That may not be in your bathroom, but rather a shelf in a closet.

4. Update your Emergency Plan: Spring is a good reminder to have your emergency plans, phone numbers, and kits updated. Make sure to post important numbers or information that you or your loved one may need in case of emergency.

Cleaning clutter is a good way to welcome in warmer spring weather. Get updated, get cleaned, and get ready for a new season!

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