Fitness for Seniors

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There's no better time than now to up your fitness game!

If it's been awhile since you've been physically active, you may want to check with your doctor first to get a list of approved moves. Also, start slow! You'll get faster and stronger with time. Walking just 10 minutes a day can improve your endurance, balance, strength and flexibility. Gradually increase those 10 minutes until you can get to 30 minutes a day.

If you're looking to specifically increase your endurance, try aerobic exercises like walking, cycling, swimming, water aerobics, or even dancing.

A couple of days a week, work on building your strength. Try lunges, squats, or modified push-ups. Need more balance? Some basic yoga or stretching moves will help with that.

Just getting a little more exercise in your life is vital for older adults. It helps with your blood pressure, body weight, and cholesterol levels. It can also help fight osteoporosis and your risk of falls. So lace up the shoes, and get going! 

Look for programs in your area that are geared for seniors.  There are even programs that offer discounts or free memberships to people over 65.  Check out Silver Sneakers to help locate a program near you!

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