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Moving Seniors in the Winter

 Posted by Rebecca Snyder on January 12, 2018 at 3:15 PM

If the harsh winter season has proven that it's time for a senior to move, it can be overwhelming to think of doing the move in the cold, snow, and ice. Icy sidewalks, bulky coats, and snow piles can hinder an already hard job of packing and loading up.

Caring Transitions Baltimore Metro can help with the stress of planning and executing the move. We can help with the downsizing process, getting organized, and moving into the new home. And don't worry about the winter weather! We can coordinate the boxes, the packing, trucks, moving, and unloading so you can avoid the snow or ice on the ground.

But beyond helping with the actual move, we can help with your stress level and answer your questions. Need help selling unwanted items? We can do that too! We provide you support in a time of life that can be overwhelming and exhausting.

And once you find that new space -- we'll be there then too! We can help unpack, and get all the trash of boxes and wrapping out of your way. 

Don't put off a move that needs to happen now because of the weather. Call our Caring Transitions team at  443-965-9834, and let us help you any time of year!